Minns Estates assembled and acquired the site in Kidlington High Street from two adjoining land owners. Part of the site was bought from the Defence Estate on the basis of providing the Army and RAF Cadets with a new facility within the scheme, and the other part was purchased from the operator of Kidlington’s open air market. The development process was complicated involving a number of different parties and required the resolution of sensitive

planning and political issues, including the relocation of the market to a new location on the High Street. However Minns was granted planning permission for approximately 8,000 sq ft of retail, a Cadet Centre of 3,000 sq ft and 24, two bedroom apartments.

Minns let out and held the retail space to M & Co, Thomas Merrifield, Superdrug, House of Cards and The Market Barber and whilst

a joint venture was formed with Linden to build out and sell the apartments. The scheme had an end value in the order of £7.5 Million.